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Why do people date online? Psychology of online dating

by Ollie Style

Here is a list of reasons why men and women date online.
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Read on to learn the psychology of online dating.

It's anonymous / Secret
Most people like anonymity whether male or female.

Some men like to date on the net because they will not get caught by their girlfriend if ever they do it. Some men also believe that they can get more girls by dating online.

The above mentioned information is true with some women as well, they would like to meet new people in order to have more fun.

And most of all you could use an alias so that people will not know who you are. You can practically have a second identity online and your friends will never know.

Safe / cyber sex
Yes internet or online dating is safe up to some extent, online sex is safe because there is no physical contact initially, and there is no face to face intimidation. But if you start to meet people offline that's a totally different story.

The internet made a lot of things easier, it's been easier to send out letters to your love ones, to look for a new job, to book for an airline ticket, to look for a scholarship, to get a loan, and of course to get a date.

Stimulates the imagination
Dating on line gives some people the sense of being accepted or loved even if they don't really see or touch the person they are talking to. Most of the time, kind and loving words is what most people are longing for in a relationship, and that is exactly what they get when they go dating online. That's why some are even addicted to online dating.

It's an escape
For some people dating online is a form of an escape from a boring day at work or from a nagging wife. It also gives some people an alter world where they could explore themselves and their inner thoughts and feelings. So just like reading a very romantic pocket book or novel, online dating is very attractive and stimulating for those who would like to escape from harsh realities of their offline lives.

Is online dating really safe?
Yes it is as long as you don't give out the following information on the net.

Your real name should not be given on the Internet whether in chat rooms or forums. Remember that there are a lot of online resources that you could go to, to find out who a person is. There are paid and free sources on the Internet where you could get vital information about a person, like a person's address, phone numbers or previous employers.

Phone numbers should not be given to strangers. So why would give it to someone on the Internet, even if you've talking to that person for several months or years you still have to be cautious, never give out your phone numbers specially your landline number.

Email address [if you want to give out your email address make sure that it's not your personal email, it should just be secondary email you don't to spammed or harassed ]

Your exact location, don't give out your exact address or even a land mark where your house is located you will be amazed at how many people got into trouble by giving out a hint of where they are located.

Where to meet good people?
It's not always easy to find good people on the Internet, even paying for your membership is not an assurance that you will get good, kind and beautiful people online, but I found a very reliable site where people meet to chat or simply leave comments in their forums. It's this is a totally free site for people who would like to be safe on the net.

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